Pumpkins and Scarecrows, Oh My!

After reading “The Little Old Woman Who Was Not Afraid of Anything” and watching a sing-a-long video of “Five Little Pumpkins” we decided it would be a fun activity to create “Emotion Jack’O'Lanterns” and a scarecrow of our own!


We began by deciding which feeling we wanted to portray on our pumpkins. Each classroom chose something different. Later we discussed the shapes involved in making a Jack’O'Lantern. With the help of our teachers, we were able to cut in to the pumpkins and scoop out the pulp. Some of us liked the feeling of the pulp and seeds more than others!

DSCN2329 DSCN2330 DSCN2338 DSCN2345 DSCN2334 DSCN2337 DSCN2339 unnamed-7 unnamed-6

Later we brought our scarecrow accoutrements to the back yard and worked together to fill the clothes with freshly fallen maple leaves. We added a pumpkin head and a hat for good measure.

unnamed-4 unnamed unnamed-1 unnamed-2 unnamed-3 unnamed-10 unnamed-5

We all agree that he turned out pretty great. What do you think?

Happy Fall!



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