The Wonderful World of Color! (week 1)


This week we started a brand new unit- The Wonderful World of Color.  As always, colors make for fun learning in preschool-aged children.  We read 3 books this week: Mouse Paint by Ellen Stoll Walsh, White Rabbit’s Book of Color by Alan Baker, and Max’s Dragon shirt by Rosemary Wells. Ask your kiddos which one was their favorite!



To further learn about primary colors and mixing colors, we incorporated it into our centers…


Such as, home-made play doh mixing …

14 172

Or adding food color drop mixtures to the frozen water sensory play…

13 18 16

We also played dress up A LOT this week, and enjoyed sledding!

15 6 3 12 10 9 8 7

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Chinese New Year

We have been studying the Chinese New Year, and what fun it has been!  We decorated our centers to focus on the traditions carried out in China.

For our writing center, the children practiced writing on trays filled with red sand – they wrote in Chinese and in English!

2 13


For our drama, we had a neat kitchen/dining set-up.  The children sat on the floor for their “meals” and they enjoyed practicing using chop-sticks.  We also had an awesome dragon mural on the wall. THANK YOU DYLAN!

5 9 14 15 4 51


Our sensory bin was filled with rice this week! The children LOVED it.  Rice is such a great sensory material, and we filled it with various toy animals such as dragon, rat, cow, goat, pig, rooster…  We filled it with these animals as each year represents an animal, such as “The Year of the Dragon”.  We also filled the sensory bins with other items such as gold coins as tradition has it that these items brings you good luck in the new year!

12 16 10 8

Our art activities was especially fun this week as well! We created red/gold play-doh on Tuesday.  As always, play-doh is a hit with our kids!  On Wednesday we provided the Chinese New Year colors (red and gold) materials for the children to create their own art!  We also created lanterns out of paper materials as well and added on to our Elementary School’s paper dragon in the hallway.  Be sure to check it out some time!  The Elementary kids did an awesome job with it!

10 1197


Today was an especially fun day as we received food donations from the Empire restaurant on Congress Street in Portland.  The children extremely enjoyed their delicious noodles, and practiced eating with chop sticks.  THANK YOU EMPIRE RESTAURANT!

32 1


We also made some egg rolls for our hands-on activity. YUM!



Tomorrow we will have special visitors…stay tuned!

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Our Mackworth Island Preschool kiddos had fun in the snow today!

5 15 13 8 4 16 12 11 10 3 2 7 1 146


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Oh, Winter. Where are You?

As we enter our final week of Wind and Water we can’t help but wonder…. Where is the snow!? What a strange winter, indeed!



In the meantime we can pretend. We will cover our cars with playdough and dress our friends for the chilly weather.

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We will draw pictures of blizzards, spray paint paper, and paint wintry scenes.5e446c76-2471-42d8-a08e-1c98653419f1 623f38ac-822f-4f46-8da0-70ab01823e5b 2b382023-6e7b-49d2-85aa-32bafb1bbc3f

We’re wonderful at improvising!

See? Snow!


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More snow please!



We enjoyed the sunny weather today, and took advantage of it by walking around Mackworth Island.  There is a small hill close to our school which the kids had fun sledding and rolling down. Enjoy the pictures!

10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 15 14 13 12 11

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Merry Christmas!

We wanted to share these pictures from December 21st-22nd before the recent holiday break!  We kept very busy as the children spent the last few days learning about Christmas.  The centers were set up to reflect the holiday.  For example, for our block center, we supplied the shelves with wrapping paper, tape, and bows so the children could “wrap.”  This was a fun way to practice giving and receiving!  It was also special since we ended the school year with a large pajamas party, and we also invited the older elementary students (who are such great role models!) downstairs for center time.  We spent part of the morning cookie-decorating and watching The Polar Express!  We had such fun learning about the holiday and hope you enjoy the pictures as well!

IMG_0766 IMG_0765 IMG_0763 IMG_0762 IMG_0758 IMG_0759 IMG_0761 IMG_0751 IMG_0752 IMG_0750 (1) IMG_0749 IMG_0747 IMG_0746 IMG_0736 IMG_0737 IMG_0738 IMG_0739 IMG_0732 IMG_0733 IMG_0730 IMG_0728

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Wind and Water: Week 3

Happy New Year! We are S-L-O-W-L-Y getting back in the grind this week!  We are thankful that the snow arrived just in time for this unit as we are focusing on SNOW this week!  We are reading “The Mitten” by Jan Brett and “The Snowy Day” by Ezra Jack Keats.

So far, we have enjoyed the drama center, dressing up as various animals from “The Mitten!”  Can you guess who is the hare and who is the fox?

6 7 10 9

For the sensory tables, we added ICE and SNOW this week for the children to dig through with sand shovels and mittens. BRR…


Today was a fun day for the art center; we made clay sculptures of the animals!

3 5 11 14


Check back later for more updates! STAY WARM!




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We are wrapping up this week by learning about an African culture holiday called Kwanzaa.   New holiday vocabulary was introduced: kinara, Africa, and Unity Cup.  For our drama play, we added the kinara so the children could pretend to light them!

21 30


Our art centers were certainly fun as we created bracelets out of Kwanzaa colors: red, green, and black! We also had the children paint a Kwanzaa flag at the easel center. A colorful kinara was also created out of the children’s painted handprints!

26 28 27 29 22 23


Stay tuned for more pictures! Happy Kwanzaa!

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This week we learned about a Jewish holiday called Hanukkah and added holiday pieces to our centers.  We read “Chanukah Lights Everywhere” by Michael J. Rosen during our morning meetings to introduce holiday vocabulary such as latkes, dreidels, and menorahs.  For drama, we had a kitchen set so children could “light” a menorah and cook latkes!

8 3 IMG_0667 IMG_0663 IMG_0657 IMG_0656

For our blocks center, a lot fun was had building menorahs out of blocks. We also enjoyed playing with an Hanukkah family set.

10 2 IMG_0665 IMG_0664


For hands on math, we discussed about how many candles are on the menorah.  We counted 9!  We also learned how to play with a dreidel and “chocolate coins!”  Many home-made dreidels were sent home with the children so perhaps families can learn this game as well!



For the art center, we made the dreidels! We used cardboard and pencils to do “spin art” on individual dreidels. Look how great they came out!  Star of David ornaments were also glued together by popsicle sticks and decorated creatively by the children.

IMG_0662 IMG_0661 IMG_0653 IMG_065124 25 11


Sensory breaks are always popular with our kids… and they, of course, loved the table this week with beans, corn, etc.  Sen


Last but not least, we made latkes for morning snack, and what a hit they were! Traditionally, latkes are served with applesauce.  We served them with applesauce AND ketchup. Yum!

12 14 16 17 18 20 19 6


Happy Hanukkah!

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Wrapping Up Wind and Water..For now!


Here are a few pictures from our Wind and Water Unit.  We will be resuming this Unit after break. The children had such fun with the vet office and gak!

1 IMG_0569 IMG_0570 IMG_0572 IMG_0576 IMG_0577

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