Healthy Bodies Unit-Handwashing

We started the “Healthy Bodies” Unit this week! We are focusing on handwashing and reading “Hooray for Handwashing” as well as “Germs Are Not For Sharing” by Elizabeth Verdick. The students have been practicing their great handwashing skills!

IMG_0478 FullSizeRender 2 FullSizeRender 3 IMG_0398 2 IMG_0525 IMG_0527

For centers, we have been focusing on having MESSY fun so that we can further work on our handwashing!

IMG_0498 IMG_0518

Plus, we created mini “germs” with poms and googly eyes.

IMG_0509 IMG_0495


What do you do when germs make you sick? Go to the doctor’s office!

IMG_0485 IMG_0489 IMG_0406 2 IMG_0445 IMG_0444 IMG_0431 IMG_0438

Thank you families for sending in fruits for our Valentine’s Day Fruit Salad and so we can continue to learn about healthy bodies! Stay tuned…

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