The Gingerbread Man

Each day kids have rest time, some friends nap and others rest until they can enjoy a story or create with play dough. On this specific day, friends gathered together to read their stories and to take turns sharing. They certainly make rest time fun!

After Care Rest Time

We also had fun getting to create a story together as a team. The kids put their thinking caps on and came up with some creative words to contribute.
Catch them below in our kids mad lib!

Gingerbread Man
There once was a gingerbread man who had two Sprinkles for eyes and a Fruit Loop for a nose. He always said, ‘Jumping Jacks as fast as you can, you can’t catch me I’m the gingerbread man.’ One day he ran past a Special Astronaut, but they couldn’t catch him. He kept running until he passed a Giraffe, but they couldn’t catch him either. Suddenly, he came across a river near Mackworth Island. How would he cross? Then he saw a Purple Stage floating by. He jumped on it, but it was actually Mickey Mouse
–who just so happened to love cookies :)

(A Madlib story by After Care Kids)

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