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Opportunities For Learning From Deaf Adults

Opportunities for Learning From Deaf Adults

Deaf Mentor Program

The Deaf Mentor Program offers families the opportunity to meet Deaf and hard of hearing adults with different experiences and varying educational backgrounds.  Families are encouraged to ask questions, have discussions about the Deaf or hard of hearing adult’s experiences.  Visits are scheduled through the family’s early intervention provider.

ASL Family Training

The ASL Family Training program supports families in implementing bilingual/bicultural home-based programming for young children, age 0-5, who are deaf or hard of hearing. Children of hearing parents who receive early intervention are typically exposed to an English-only approach and to the hearing culture of their parents, family members, and early interventionist. The ASL Family Training program provides the family the choice of also using a trained Deaf Mentor (deaf adult) who makes regular visits to the home, interacts with the child using American Sign Language (ASL), shows family members how to use ASL, and helps the family understand and appreciate deafness and Deaf Culture.

These Deaf Mentors have received specific training and certification from the National Deaf Mentor Program and a Bachelors or Masters Degree from an accredited college or university.

ASL for Families Classes

MECDHH offers American Sign Language classes exclusively for families, caregivers and others in close contact with children that sign. The goal of the program is to provide families with ASL skills as they apply to regular, daily communication. Course content is driven by the families' needs. Courses are offered three times a year in 8-week sessions. Participants have the choice of participating in person in classes at MECDHH or via distance technology utilizing Distance Learning Centers around the state or other convenient remote session programs like Skype, GoToMeeting, and Adobe Connect.

Check our EVENTS on the hompage of the website for upcoming ASL classes for families.

For more information about ASL for Families please contact MaryJo York, at 207-781-6215.